Korten Natura

In harmony with Nature

The character of the KORTEN NATURA wines is based on man's harmony with nature. The goal of the wine makers is to use natural processes to the greatest possible extent, so as to obtain authentic and natural wines with outstanding varietal characteristics and well expressed terroir that embodies their entire proficiency, philosophy and unique touch.

The team that created the KORTEN NATURA Series worked in search of the absolute finesse and harmony in every detail of the taste of these wines. These wines represent authentic Bulgarian and world varieties from selected vineyards.

Muscat & Dimiat 2019

Korten Natura Muscat & Dimiat 2019 Blend  is characterized by the exceptional presence of the Muscat variety in  the body of the wine and the smooth taste, added by the elegant Dimyat.

The Dimyat variety is an old Bulgarian grape variety and the major white wine variety in the Eastern Black Sea region of Bulgaria (near Varna, Pomorie, Preslav and Pliska). It is grown also in the area called Rodopska Yaka /the Rhodope Collar/ as well as in the regions of Haskovo, Ivaylovgrad and Chirpan.

Wine made from Dimyat is a white wine with a fresh taste and a neutral, gentle fruit aroma of peach and field flowers, which is a prerequisite to blend it perfectly with some other varieties, especially Muscat. This variety contributes to the specific character of this blend, giving it a more intense aroma with a floral character, rose and harmony in taste.

Tasting Notes:
The wine has a bright color with light greenish hues. Very impressive and attractive aroma with shades of rose, green apple, lychee and spring honey. Exquisite pallate with hints of exotic tropical fruits and white rose, with elegant crispy finish.

Food pairing:
This wine is perfect on its own or an ideal accompaniment to vegetarian food, pasta, pizza, spicy dishes, aromatic seafood, chicken, Asian dishes and soft cheeses.

Rose Melnik 2019

History of the variety

KORTEN NATURA ROSE is vinified from the Melnik 55 variety (Early Melnik Vine). Mainly being found in south western Bulgaria, this is a cross between Wide Melnik Vine and the French variety Valdiguie. Due to the increasing interest in local Bulgarian varieties, small vineyards have also been created in other regions of the country. For its uniqueness and attractive aromas, this variety has been acknowledged over time as an extremely interesting Bulgarian variety.

KORTEN NATURA ROSE MELNIK is another style rose made of a local Bulgarian variety that embodies its uniqueness, delicacy and warmth.

Tasting Notes:
A charming pale pink wine with delicate peach colour reflections. Aromas of summer fruits, white peach and wild apple. Elegant, fresh, expressive taste with grassy and citrus notes.

Food pairing:
The wine can be consumed separately as an aperitif, but it also partners well with summer dishes, fish, seafood, soft cheese and fruits.

Mavrud & Rubin 2018

History of the varieties

KORTEN NATURA MAVRUD & RUBIN comprises two of the main local Bulgarian red grape varieties – Mavrud and Rubin.

The Mavrud is an endogenous Bulgarian wine variety, and an old one as well, considered one of the most valuable local varieties. It is characterised with an intense ruby red colour, good tannin and pleasant acidity, with a pleasurable blackberry and mulberry aroma. When ageing in barrels, it develops complex spicy aromas and harmonious taste.

The Rubin is a cross between red grape wine variety Syrah and the Nebbiolo developed in Bulgaria during the late 40s of the last century. The wines features intense dark red colour, good extract, blueberry and raspberry aromas and tannins that dissolve quickly during ageing.

In the KORTEN NATURA MAVRUD & RUBIN blend, the Mavrud boasts a noticeable presence in the wine body, and the enigmatic Rubin adds a palette of aromas and mildness of taste.


Grape varieties:
Mavrud  68%
Rubin 32%
Barrel Aging: 9 months in 80% French oak and 20% American oak barrels


Tasting Notes:
The wine impresses with an intense ruby red colour. Complex red fruit aroma: blackcurrant, cherry, notes of plum, coffee and chocolate, in elegant harmony with the oak aroma. The taste is harmonious, with well-balanced tannins and acids, barrique maturity and ageing potential.

Food pairing:
The wine is well-combined with yellow cheese, game, dried meat delicacies, stewed and roasted meats.